EXPRESSION speaks "the truth" in her as well as you

"This project is literally everything I've aspired it to be. I wrote each song myself and spent great deal of time perfecting my craft. I wanted my music to reflect not only my true nature but to also have the ability to reach out the each and every individual with their own unique differences, so at the end of the day this album is extremely conceptual. It's made that way so that each listener can define each song for themselves. Although I am only 20 years old and my life is just beginning, I have experienced and learned what I would believe my own share of the world we live in. With so much more to learn I would like to share this journey and knowledge with my fans and hopefully open their hearts and minds as much as it did mine."

This album brings out the true nature of not only the artist but of also the worlds harsh reality. The Beauty and the Horror. The brutal honesty and harsh reality was not held back within this album as well as the honest emotions of the beautiful lyricism of passion put into it. The contrast is extremely drastic but that's exactly how Lia is at the end of the day.

"I have a respect for all aspects and genre's of music. As well as I do enjoy them. From underground to mainstream. I respect a lot of artists in both worlds. But the division/gap of the two worlds is so large that most people are blind to see what's could be noticed if they just pay attention and open their minds to both worlds and learn how to accept them. I want to eradicate that and create a bridge between the two."

Lia brought the aspect of Ancient Egyptian, Hard Rock fashion, underworld rock music and mainstream and fused the two within her image as well as the album. She made her own unique style of music. Although she choose an unexpected genre she has been able to create this Revolutionary album even though at such a young age because of her need to experiment with music.

"I will preach the truth of whatever it may be with my music and nothing and no one will stop me. Music is my truth. Music is apart of the very nature of my being. I will not compromise my music for anything that could divert from the honesty of it. But I will experiment and create new sounds in hope to bring a change in the society we live in today. Music is a language the world knows and I will be able to communicate with world with my craft."

Expect the unexpected with this album. Expression isn't a cookie cutter pop star type of Album. The world of Rock taking the stage with this new artist. This much is guaranteed. You'll experience Lia's own truth...... as well as your own.

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